parigrah परिग्रह्

Definition: P. A1. -gṛhṇāti-, ṇīte- (imperative 2. sg. -gṛhāṇa- ; imperfect tense -agṛhṇāḥ- ;3. sg. -agṛhṇat- ;3. plural -agṛhṇan- ; A1. -agṛhṇanta- ; perfect tense 1. sg. -jagr/abha- ;3. sg. -jagrāha- etc.; ind.p. -gṛhya- etc.) , to take hold of on both sides, embrace, surround, enfold, envelop etc. ; to fence round, hedge round ; to occupy on both sides (sarasvatīm-) ; to seize, clutch, grasp, catch ; to put on, wear (as a dress or ornament) ; to take or carry along with one etc. ; to take possession of, master, overpower ; to take (in war), take prisoner, conquer ; to take (food) ; to receive, (also as a guest) accept ; to take, adopt, conform to, follow etc. ; to take by the hand, assist ; to take (a wife), marry ; to surpass, excel ; (in Vedic or Veda gram.) to enclose (iti-) between a word twice repeated (see pari-graha-).

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., Ka1lid., RV., TS., AV., MBh., RV., MBh., S3Br., MBh., Ka1v., VS., AV., Br., MBh., TS., AV., S3Br., Ka1tyS3r., MBh., ib., ib., ib., Ka1v., RV., AV., Br., Var., MBh., S3Br., ib., MBh., S3ak., BhP., Mn., MBh., Ka1v., MBh., S3ak., Pan5c., Mn., Prab., RPra1t.
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