paribhāṣā परिभाषा

Definition: परिभाषा 1 Speech, discourse; ग्राम्यवैदग्ध्यया परिभाषया Bhāg.5.2.17. -2 Censure, reproof, blame, abuse. -3 An explanation. -4 Terminology, technical phraseology, technical terms (used in a work); इति परिभाषाप्रकरणम् Sk.; इको गुणवृद्धीत्यादिका परिभाषा Mbh; cf. also अधिकारशब्देन पारार्थ्यात् परिभाषाप्युच्यते । कश्चित् परिभाषारूप इति Kaiyaṭa. -5 (Hence) Any general rule, precept or definition which is applicable throughout (अनियमनिवारको न्याय- विशेषः); परितः प्रमिताक्षरापि सर्वं विषयं प्राप्तवती गता प्रतिष्ठाम् । न खलु प्रतिहन्यते कदाचित् परिभाषेव गरीयसी यदाज्ञा Śi.16.8. -6 A list of abbreviations or signs used in any work. -7 (In gram.) An explanatory Sūtra mixed up with the other Sūtras of Pāṇini, which teaches the method of applying them. -8 (In medicine) Prognosis.

Dictionary: Apte
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