paravat परवत्

Definition: परवत् a. 1 Dependent upon or subject to another, ready to obey; सा बाला परवतीति मे विदितम् Ś.3.2; भगवन्- परवानयं जनः R.8.81;2.56; oft. with instr. or loc. of person; भ्रात्रा यदित्थं परवानसि त्वम् R.14.59. -2 Deprived of strength, rendered powerless; परवानिव शरीरोपतापेन Māl.3. -3 Completely under the influence of (another), not master of oneself, overpowered or overcome; विस्मयेन परवानस्नि U.5; आनन्देन परवानस्मि U.3; साध्वसेन Māl.6. -4 Devoted to.

Dictionary: Apte
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