paranipāta परनिपात

Definition: lit.placing after; the placing of a word in a compound after another as contrasted with पूर्वनिपात . A subordinate word is generally placed first in a compound, cf. उपसर्जनं पूर्वम्; in some exceptional cases however, this general rule is not observed as in the cases of राजदन्त and the like, where the subordinate word is placed after the principal word, and which cases, hence, are taken as cases of परनिपात. The words पूर्व and पर are relative, and hence, the cases of परनिपात with respect to the subordinate word (उपसर्जन) such as राजद्न्त, प्राप्तजीविक etc. can be called cases of पूर्वनिपात with respect to the principal word (प्रधान) cf. परश्शता: राजदन्तादित्वात्परनिपात: Kaas. on P. II.1.39.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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