para पर

Definition: a. [leading beyond: √ 2. pri], 1. of place: farther, than (ab.); remoter, ulterior; opposite (shore); next (life); 2. of time: past, previous; future, subsequent; following (ab.); latest, extreme (age), high (time); 3. of amount: exceeding, more than (ab., --°ree;); remaining over; 4. of sequence: following, coming next after (ab., --°ree;); repeated: each successive; 5. of degree: superior, higher, better, worse, than (ab.; rarely --°ree;); supreme, pre-eminent, best; utmost, deepest, greatest; 6. of range: transcending (ab.); 7. of relation: other; alien, strange, hostile; different, from (ab.); m. descendant; stranger; adversary, foe, enemy; universal soul, the Absolute; n. remotest distance; height, summit, acme; supreme bliss; extreme limit (--°ree;); further or wider meaning of a word (--°ree;, a. synonymous with); chief aim, main thing: --°ree;, a. having -as the main thing=intent on, absorbed in, deeply affected with, mainly consisting in, chiefly meant for, altogether based on; -m, ad. afterwards, subsequently; beyond, after (ab.); highly, excessively; completely; at the most; nothing but, only; however, but; atah param, beyond that; after that; next; hereafter; still further; itah param, henceforth; tatah or tatas ka --, id.; thereupon; na½asmât param, no more of that, enough; na param - api, not only--but also; na param--yâvat, not only--but even; yadi param, if at all, perhaps; param tu or kim tu, however, but; param na--api na, not only not--but also not.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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