paiśāca पैशाच

Definition: पैशाच a. (-ची f.) [पिशाचेन निर्वृत्तः अण्] Demoniacal, infernal. -चः 1 The eighth or lowest of the eight forms of marriage in Hindu law, in which a lover ravishes a maiden without her consent when she is sleeping, or intoxicated, or deranged in intellect; सुप्तां मत्तां प्रमत्तां वा रहो यत्रोपगच्छति । स पापिष्ठो विवाहानां पैशाचश्चाष्टमो$ धमः Ms.3.34; Y.1.61. -2 A kind of demon or पिशाच. -ची 1 A present made at a religious ceremony. -2 Night. -3 A sort of gibberish spoken on the stage by demons. -4 One of the forms of Prākṛita.

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