padya पद्य

Definition: forming a part of a word or pada; cf. उपोत्तमं नानुदात्तं न पद्यम् R. Pr. I. 29; cf. also पूर्वपद्यः R. Pr. I. 30. The word is used in this sense (पदावयव) mostly in the Prātiśākhya works. The word is used in the sense of पादसंपन्न, made up of the feet (of verses), in the Rk Prātiśākhya in contrast with अक्षर्य, made up of syllables. In this sense the word is derived from the word पाद; cf. पद्याक्षर्ये स उत्थितः R. Pr, XVIII. 3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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