padaviḥ पदविः

Definition: पदविः वी f. [पद्-अवि वा ङीप] A way, road, path, course (fig. also); पवनपदवी Me.8; अनुयाहि साधुपदवीम् Bh.2.77 'follow in the footsteps of the good'; Ś.4. 14; R.3.5;7.7;8.11;15.99; Bh.3.46; Ve.6.27; so स यौवनपदवीमारूढः Pt.1, 'he attained his majority' (grew up to man's estate). -2 Position, station, rank, dignity, office, post; एतत् स्तोत्रं प्रपठता विचार्य गुरवाक्यतः । प्राप्यते ब्रह्मपदवी सत्यं सत्यं न संशयः ॥ Tattvamasi Strotra.12. -3 A place, site. -4 Good conduct or behaviour.

Dictionary: Apte
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