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Definition: पद् I. 1 Ā. (पदयते) To go or move. -II. 4. Ā. (पद्यते, पन्न; caus. पादयति-ते; desid, पित्सते) 1 To go, move.-2 To go to, approach (with acc.) -3 To attain, obtain, gain; ज्योतिषामाधिपत्यं च प्रभावं चाप्यपद्यत Mb. -4 To observe, practise; स्वधर्मं पद्यमानास्ते Mb. -5 Ved. To fall down with fatigue. -6 Ved. To perish. -7 To fall out. -III. 1 P. (पदति) To stand fast or fixed.

Dictionary: Apte
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