pacādi पचादि

Definition: a class of roots headed by the root पच् to which the kŗt. affix अ (अच्) is added in the sense of 'an agent'; e. g. श्वपचः, चोरः, देवः etc. The class पचादि is described as अाकृतिगण and it is usual with commentators to make a remark पचाद्यच् when a kŗt affix अ is seen after a root without causing the vŗddhi substitute to the preceding vowel or to the penultimate vowel अ. cf. अज्विधिः सर्वधातुभ्यः पठ्यन्ते च पचादय: । अण्बाधनार्थमेव स्यात् सिध्यन्ति श्वपचादघ: Kāś. on P. III. 1.134.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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