pañcālapadavṛtti पञ्चालपदवृत्ति

Definition: the usage or the method of the Pañcālas; the eastern method of euphonic combinations, viz. the retention of the vowel अ after the preceding vowel ओ which is substituted for the Visarga; e. g. यो अस्मै; cf. R. Pr. II. 12; T. Pr. XI. 19. This vowel अ which is retained, is pronounced like a short ओ or अर्धओकार by the followers of the Sātyamugri and Rāņāyaniya branches of the Sāmavedins; cf. commentary on T. Pr. XI. 19 as also M. Bh. Āhnika 1.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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