pūrvānta पूर्वान्त

Definition: end of the previous. The word is used in connection with a vowel which is substituted for two vowels (एकादेश.). Such a substitute is looked upon as the ending vowel of the preceding word or the initial vowel of the succeeding word; it cannot be looked upon as both at one and the same time; cf. अन्तादिवच्च P. VI. 1. 85 and उभयत अाश्रयेण नान्तादिवत् Sira. Pari. 60; cf. also किं पुनरयं पूर्वान्तः अहोस्वित् परादिः अाहोस्विदभक्तः M. Bh. on I. 1. 47 Vart. 3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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