pāliḥ पालिः

Definition: पालिः ली f. 1 The tip of the ear; श्रवणपालिः Gīt.3. -2 The edge, skirt, margin; तिष्ठतो युगपालीषु Mb.7.191. 3; महति सितपटच्छन्नपालीं कपालीम् Bh.3.55. -3 The sharp side, edge or point of anything (अश्रि); कपोलपालिं तव तन्वि मन्ये लावण्यधन्ये दिशमुत्तराख्याम् Bv.2.9. -4 Boundary, limit. -5 A line, row; विपुलपुलकपाली Gīt.6; Śi.3.51; रजनीचरपालिरागमिष्यत्यविलम्बं प्रतिपाल्यतां कुमारौ Rām. Ch. 2.52. -6 A spot, mark. -7 A causeway, bridge. -8 The lap or bosom. -9 An oblong pond. -1 Maintenance of a pupil by his teacher during the period of his studies. -11 A louse. -12 Praise, eulogium. -13 A woman with a beard. -14 The hip. -15 A measure of capacity (प्रस्थ). -16 A circumference. -ली A pot, boiler. -Comp. -आमयः a disease of the outer ear. -ज्वरः a kind of fever. -भङ्गः the bursting of a dike.

Dictionary: Apte
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