pṛthivīkampa पृथिवीकम्प

Definition: m. earthquake; -kshit, a. inhabiting the earth; earth-ruling; m. prince, king; -kandra, m. Name of a prince of Trigarta; -tala, n. surface of the earth, ground; also=world, infernal regions (bot tom of the earth); -danda-pâla, m. chief constable of the country: -tâ, f. office of --; -devî, f. N.; -pati, m. lord of the earth, prince, king; -paripâlaka, m. prince, king; -pâla: -ka, m. keeper of the earth, king, sovereign; -bhug, m. enjoyer of the earth, prince, king; -bhugamga, m. spouse of the earth, prince, king; -bhrit, m. support of the earth, mountain; -máya, formed of earth, earthen; -râgya, n. dominion over the land, sovereignty; -ruha, m. (growing out of the earth), plant, tree; -½îsa, -½îsvara, m. lord of the earth, prince, king; -½âpîda, m. Name of two princes of Cashmere.

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