pūrvaka पूर्वक

Definition: a. (ikâ) prior, preceding, previous; first; --°ree; a. accompanied or pre ceded by, based on, consisting above all things in: -m, ad. after, with, amid, in accordance with (--°ree;); m. forefather, ancestor; -karman, n. former or previous action; preparation; -kalpa, m. previous manner, precedent; olden time (only lc. sg. & pl.); -kâya, m. fore part of the body (of animals), upper part of the body (of men); -kârin,a. acting first; -kâr ya, fp. to be done first; -kâla, a. belonging to a previous time; previously mentioned: -tâ, f. priority of time; -kâlika, a. belonging to a former time; -kâlîna, a. prior in time; -krita, pp. formerly done, performed in a previous life; n. former act, act committed in a previous life; -krama½âgata, pp. handed down from one's ancestors; -kriyâ, f. preparation.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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