nuṭ नुट्

Definition: augment न् prefixed (l) to the gen. pl. ending in अाम् after a crude base ending in a short vowel, or in ई or ऊ of feminine bases termed nadi, or in अा of the feminine affix (टाप् डाप् or चाप्); e g. वृक्षाणाम्, अग्नीनाम्, कर्तॄणाम्, कुमारीणाम्, मालानाम् etc.; cf. P. VII.1.54; (2) to the affix अाम् after numerals termed षट् and the numeral चतुर् as also after the words श्री, ग्रामणी and गो in Vedic Literature, e. g. षण्णाम्, पञ्चानाम्, चतुर्णाम्, श्रीणाम्, ग्रामणीनाम्, गोनाम्; cf. P. VII.1.55,56, 57; (3) to the part of a root possessed of two consonants, as also of the root अश् of the fifth conjugation after the reduplicative syllable ending in अा, which is substituted for अ; e.g. अानञ्ज, व्यानशे; cf. P.VII.4. 71,72; (4) to the affix मतुप् after a base ending in अन् as also to the affixes तरप् and तमप् after a base ending in न् in Vedic Literature, e.g. मूर्धन्वती, अक्षण्वन्तः, सुपथिन्तरः etc.;cf. P. VIII. 2.16, 17: (5) to the initial vowel of the second member of a compound having अ of नञ् as the first member; e. g. अनघः, cf. P.VI. 3.74; (6) to any vowel after न् which is preceded by a short vowel and which is at the end of a word e.g. कुर्वन्नास्ते, cf. P. VIII. 3.32.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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