niyata नियत

Definition: नियत p. p. 1 Curbed, restrained; तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियताः स्वया Bg.7.2. -2 Subdued, controlled, self-possessed, self-governed. -3 Abstemious, temperate. -4 Attentive, intent. -5 Fixed, permanent, constant, steady; अन्यथासिद्धिशून्यस्य नियता पूर्ववर्तिता Bhāṣā. P. -6 (a) Certain, settled, sure; Pt.1.284. (b) Fixed; प्रकृतिनियतत्वादकृतकः U.6.14; fixed in number, limited; बाणाः पञ्च मनोभवस्य नियतास्तेषामसंख्यो जनः (लक्ष्यः) Ratn.3.3. -7 Inevitable. -8 Positive, definite. -9 Forming the subject of consideration, relevant or irrelevant; see तुल्ययोगिता. -1 Maintained, observed (as a vow &c.); नियतैकपतिव्रतानि पश्चात्तरुमूलानि गृहीभवन्ति तेषाम् Ś.7.2. -11 Held back, fastened, tied; पशूनां त्रिशतं तत्र यूपेषु नियतं तदा Rām.1.14.32. -12 Connected with, dependent on; वाच्यर्था नियताः सर्वे Ms.4.256. -13 (in gram.) Pronounced with अनुदात्त. -तम् (pl.) (in Sāṅkhya) the organs of sense. -तम् ind. 1 Always, constantly. -2 Positively, certainly, invariably, inevitably, surely. -3 Forcibly. -Comp. -काल a. Limited in time, temporary; Kaśi. on P.I.4.44. -मानस a. of subdued mind. -वाच a. limited as to the use of words. -व्रत a. pious, religious.

Dictionary: Apte
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