niyama नियम

Definition: noun (masculine) (in Mīm. phil.) a rule or precept (laying down or specifying something otherwise optional) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))(in rhet.) a common-place (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))a particular process applied to minerals (esp. to quicksilver) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))agreement (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))any act of voluntary penance or meritorious piety (esp. a lesser vow or minor observance dependent on external conditions and not so obligatory as yama) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))any conventional expression or usual comparison (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))any fixed rule or law (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))checking (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))contract (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))controlling (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))definition (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))determination (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))holding back (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))keeping down (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))limitation (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))lowering (as the voice) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))Necessity or Law personified as a son of Dharma and Dhṛti (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))name of Viṣṇu (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))necessity (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))performing five positive duties (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))preventing (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))promise (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))reduction or restriction to (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))restraining (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))restraint of the mind (the 2nd of the 8 steps of meditation in Yoga) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))vow (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))niyāmana

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