niyam नियम्

Definition: P. -yacchati-, to stop (trans.), hold back, detain with (locative case) ; (A1.) to stop (intrans.), stay, remain ; to keep back, refuse ; (A1.) to fail, be wanting ; to fasten, tie to (locative case), bind up (hair etc.) etc. ; to hold over, extend (śarma-) ; to hold downwards (the hand) ; to bring near, procure, bestow, grant, offer, present (rain, gifts etc.) etc. ; to hold in, keep down, restrain, control, govern, regulate (as breath, the voice, the organs of sense etc.) etc. ; to suppress or conceal (one's nature) ; to destroy, annihilate (opp. to sṛj-) ; to restrict (food etc.; see below) ; to fix upon, settle, determine, establish on ; (in gram.) to lower, pronounce low id est with the anudātta- : Causal -yamayati-, to restrain, curb, check, suppress, restrict