nivas निवस्

Definition: P. -vasati-, (rarely te-; future -vatsyati-), to sojourn, pass or spend time, dwell or live or be in (locative case) etc. ; to keep one's ground, withstand (-vāsate-for -vasate-?) ; to inhabit (accusative) ; to incur or undergo (accusative) ; to cohabit, approach sexually (rohiṇīm-) : Causal -vāsayati- (perfect tense sayām āsa-), to cause to stay, receive as a guest ; to make inhabited, populate ; to choose as a dwelling-place, inhabit ; to put or place upon (locative case)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Mn., MBh., RV. x , 37 , 3, MBh., BhP., MBh., MBh. ix , 2023, BhP., MBh., R., BhP.
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