nirvap निर्वप्

Definition: P. A1. -vapati-, te- (perfect tense -vavāpa- , -uvāpa- , -ūpe- ; future -vapsyati- , -vapiṣyati- ), to pour out, sprinkle, scatter, to offer, present (especially sacrificial food, the funeral oblation or libation to deceased relatives) ; to choose or select for (dative case or genitive case), to distribute (exempli gratia, 'for example' grain for sacrif. purposes) ; to perform (a sacrifice or a funeral oblation etc.) etc. ; (with kṛṣim-) to practise or exercise agriculture : Causal -vāpayati-, to sow out ; to choose or select (for the gods)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R., Bhat2t2., RV., TBr., Hariv., R., RV., MBh., Pan5c., MBh.
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