nirvāṇa निर्वाण

Definition: निर्वाण p. p. 1 Blown or put out, extinguished (as a lamp or fire); निर्वाणवैरदहनाः प्रशमादरीणाम् Ve.1.7; Ku.2.23. -2 Lost, disappeared. -3 Dead, deceased. -4 Liberated from existence. -5 Set (as the sun). -6 Calmed, quieted. -7 Plunged. -णम् 1 Extinction; अपि निर्वाणमायाति नानलो याति शीतताम् H.1.131; शनैर्निर्वाणमाप्नोति निरिन्धन इवानलः Mb. -2 Vanishing from sight, disappearance. -3 Dissolution, death. -4 Final liberation or emancipation from matter and reunion with the Supreme Spirit, eternal bliss; निर्वाणं नाधिगच्छेयुर्जीवेयुः पशु- जीविकाम् Mb.3.31,26; निर्वाणमपि मन्ये$हमन्तरायं जयश्रियः Ki.11.69; R.12.1. -5 (With Buddhists) Absolute extinction or annihilation, complete extinction of individual or worldly existence. -6 Perfect and perpetual calm, repose; निर्वाणं समुपगमेन यच्छते ते (नमः) Ki.18.39. -7 Complete satisfaction or pleasure, supreme bliss, highest felicity; स योगी ब्रह्मनिर्वाणं ब्रह्मभूतो$धिगच्छति Bg.5.24; अये लब्धं नेत्रनिर्वाणम् Ś.3; M.3.1; Śi.4.23; V.3.21. -8 Cessation, desisting. -9 Vacuity. -1 Union, association, confluence. -11 The bathing of an elephant; as in अनिर्वाण R.1.71. -12 Instruction in sciences. -13 Finis, completion; प्राप्य संकल्पनिर्वाणं नातिप्रीतो$भ्यगात् पुरम् Bhāg.4.9.27. -Comp. -पुराणम् offering oblations to the dead (?); Rāj. T. -भूयिष्ट a. almost vanished or departed; see under निर्वा (3) above. -मस्तकः final emancipation or deliverance, final beatitude.

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