nirmā निर्मा

Definition: A1. -mimīte- : ; -māti- (perfect tense -mame- ; ind.p. -māya- ; infinitive mood -mātum- ) ; to mete out, measure ; to build, make out of (ablative), form, fabricate, produce, create etc. ; (with citram-) to paint ; (with kośam-) to compose or write ; (with giram-) to utter ; (with nītim-) to show, betray : Passive voice -mīyate- (perfect tense -mame- ; Aorist -amāyi- ), to be measured out etc.: Causal -māpayati-, to cause to be made or built : Desiderative -mitsati-, to wish to make or build

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: TS., AV., Br., Ka1v., Pur., Mn., MBh., Prab., Ra1jat., AV., TS., Br., Mn., S3ak., Das3., Cat., Kull., MBh., Ra1jat. v , 425, Cat., Ra1jat., Katha1s., Naish.
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