nirdeśa निर्देश

Definition: mention, actual statement; the word is often used in the Mahabhasya in sentences like स तथा निर्देशः कर्तव्यः, निर्देशं कुरुते etc.; cf. also V.Pr. I. 36;cf. also the maxim तस्मिन्निति निर्दिष्टे पूर्वस्य P. I.1.66 and V. Pr. I. 134; cf. also अवश्यं कयाचिद्विभक्त्या केनचिद्वचनेन निर्देशः कर्तव्यः M.Bh. on P. I. 2. 39 Vart. 1. Sometimes the mention or exhibition made by a word shows the particular type of word; cf. Durghata Vrtti on P. I. 2. 6 and VII. 4. 73 as also Kas. on P. IV. 3. 11 and V. 2. 20.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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