nidhā निधा

Definition: P. A1. -dadhāti-, -dhatte-, to put or lay down, deposit, lay up, preserve (A1.for one's self) ; to intrust, commit, present to (dative case or locative case) ; put into, fix in (locative case,or locative case with ant/ar-,or antar- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') etc. ; put or lay before a person (dative case) ; (with bhūmau-[ ]or avaṭe-[ ]) to bury ; (with śirasi-,rarely -) to esteem highly ; (with dṛśam-) to fix the eyes upon (locative case) ; (with manas-) to fix or direct the thoughts upon or towards id est resolve, determine to (dative case) ; (with manasi-, -,or hṛdaye-) to keep in mind, bear in mind, remember, lay to heart ; (with hṛdayam-) to give one's heart to (locative case) ; (with ātmānam-) to intrust one's self to (locative case) ; (with kriyām-) to take pains with (locative case) ; (with karmaṇi-) to appoint a person to a work ; to keep down, restrain ; to end, close : Passive voice -dhīyate-, to be put or laid down etc. ; to be contained or situated or absorbed in, to rest in (locative case) etc. etc.: Causal -dhāpayati-, to cause to be put or laid down etc. ; to cause to be deposited or preserved ; to lay up, preserve ; to appoint : Desiderative -dhitsate-, to intend to put down etc. : Intensive n/idedhyat- (?) , to settle down

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., KenUp., Hit., R., R., Ka1lid., Pan5c., Katha1s., Hariv., Ka1v., Pur., Katha1s., Hit., Ra1jat., Ka1v., Pur., S3Br., RV., AV., Vait., R., Hcat., Mn. viii , 30, Car., BhP., Naish., VS., MaitrS.
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