ni नि

Definition: नि ind. (Mostly used as a prefix to verbs and nouns, rarely as an adverb or preposition. It is used in the following senses (according to G. M.):-1 Lowness, downward motion ('down', 'under', 'below'); निपत् निषद्. -2 A group or collection; निकर, निकाय. -3 Intensity; निकाम, निगृहीत. -4 Command, order; निदेशः -5 Continuance, permanence; निविशते. -6 Skill; निपुण. -7 Restraint, confinement; निबन्ध. -8 Inclusion ('into', 'in'); निपीतमुदकम्. -9 Proximity, nearness; निकट.-1 Insult, wrong, harm; निकृति, निकार. -11 Showing; निदर्शन. -12 Cessation; निवृत्. -13 Resort, refuge; निलय. -14 Doubt. -15 Certainty. -16 Affirmation. -17 Throwing. giving &c. (according to Durgādāsa). -18 निमिच्छति- निर्मिच्छति To perform Nīrājana or the ceremonial waving of lights round an object of worship or an idol; also round a person or horses or elephants as an auspicious act; कुरुते तमेव निमिच्छ्य देवः सफलं स जन्म N.7.43.

Dictionary: Apte
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