narakaḥ नरकः

Definition: नरकः कम् 1 Hell, infernal regions (corresponding to the realm of Pluto; there are said to be 21 different parts of these regions where different kinds of tortures are inflicted upon sinners तामिस्र, अन्धतामिस्र, महारौरव, रौरव, नरक, कालसूत्र, महानरक, संजीवन, माहवीचि, तपन, संप्रतापन, संहात, काकोल, कुड्मल, प्रतिमूर्तिक, लोहशङ्कु, ऋजीष, पन्था, शाल्मली, असितपत्रवन, लोहदारक are the 21 Narakas; cf. Ms.4. 88-9). -2 A liquor-vessel; नरकं मद्यभाजने Nm. -कः Name of a demon, king of Prāgjyotiṣa. [According to one account he carried off Aditi's ear-rings and Kṛiṣna at the request of the gods killed him in a single combat and recovered the jewels. According to another account, Naraka assumed the form of an elephant and carried off the daughter of Viśvakarman and outraged her. He also seized the daughters of Gandharvas, gods, men and the nymphs themselves, and collected more than 16 damsels in his harem. These, it is related, were transferred by Kṛiṣṇa to his own harem after he had slain Naraka. The demon was born of earth, and hence called 'Bhauma'] -Comp. -अन्तकः, -अरिः, -जित्, -रिपुः m. epithets of Kṛiṣṇa; नरकरिपुणा सार्धं तेषां सभीमकिरीटिनाम् Ve.3.24. -आमयः 1 the soul after death. -2 a ghost, spirit. -आवासः an inhabitant of hell. -कुण्डम् a pit in hell where the wicked are tormented (86 such places are enumerated). -देवता 'the deity of hell', Nirṛiti (निर्ऋति). -रूपिन् a. hellish. -वासः the abode in hell. -स्या the Vaitariṇī river.

Dictionary: Apte
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