nandin नन्दिन्

Definition: नन्दिन् a. [नन्द्-णिनि] 1 Happy, pleased, glad, delighted. -2 Making happy, gladdening, giving delight; अद्याप्यानन्दयति मां त्वं पुनः क्वासि नन्दिनी U.3.14. -3 Delighting in, liking. -m 1 A son. -2 The speaker of a prelude or benediction in a drama. -3 Name of the door-keeper of Śiva, his chief attendant, or of the bull which he rides; लतागृहद्वारगतो$थ नन्दी Ku.3.41; Māl.1.1. -4 An epithet of Viṣṇu. -5 The Indian fig-tree. -नी 1 A daughter; तेषां कुले त्वमसि नन्दिनि पार्थिवानाम्; U.1.9. -2 A husband's sister. -3 A fabulous cow, daughter of Surabhi, yielding all desires (कामधेनु) and in the possession of the sage Vasisṭha; अनिन्द्या नन्दिनी नाम धेनुराववृते वनात् R.1.82;2.69. -4 An epithet of the Ganges; नन्दिनी नलिनी सीता मालती च मलापहा । विष्णुपादाब्जसंभूता गङ्गा त्रिपथगमिनी ॥ -5 The holy basil. -Comp. -तनयः, -सुतः the sage Vyāḍi.

Dictionary: Apte
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