nam नम्

Definition: नम् 1 P., sometimes Ā. (नमति-ते, ननाम, अनंसीत्, नंस्यति, नत, caus. नमयति-ते or नामयति-ते, but with a preposition नमयति only; desid. निनंसति) also 9 P. (नम्नाति), 4. P. (नम्यति) 1 To bow to, make obeisance to, salute (as a mark of respect) (with acc. or dat.); इयं नमति वः सर्वान् त्रिलोचनवधूरिति Ku.6.89; Bg.11.37; Bk.9.51;1.31; 12.99; Si.4.57. -2 To submit or subject oneself, bow down; अशक्तः सन्धिमान् नमेत् Kām.8.55. -3 To bend, sink; go down; अनंसीद्भूर्भरेणास्य Bk.15.25; नेमुः सर्वदिशः K.55; उन्नमति नमति वर्षति......मेघः Mk.5.26. -4 To stoop, be inclined. -5 To be bent or curved. -6 To sound. -7 To change a dental to a lingual letter. -Caus. 1 To bend, make curved. -2 To bend (as a bow); न नमयितुमधिज्यमस्मि शक्तः Ś.2.3. -3 To cause to sink. -4 To prevent, ward off. -5 To subdue, make subordinate; स पुरस्कृतमध्यमक्रमो नमयामास नृपाननुद्धरन् R.8.9.

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