nakta नक्त

Definition: नक्त a. [नज्-क्त] Ashamed. -क्तम् 1 Night. -2 Eating only at night, as a sort of religious vow or penance -Comp. -अन्ध a. blind at night. -चर्या wandering at night. -चारिन् m. 1 an owl. -2 a cat. -3 a thief. -4 a demon, goblin, evil spirit. -भोजनम् supper. -मालः Name of a tree; स नर्मदारोधसि सीकरार्द्रैर्मरुद्भिरानर्तितनक्तमाले R.5.42. -मुखा evening. -व्रतम् 1 fasting by day and eating at night. -2 any penance or religious rite observed at night.

Dictionary: Apte
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