nāgaraka नागरक

Definition: नागरक नागरिक a. [नगरे भवः वुञ्] 1 Town-bred, town-born. -2 Polite, courteous, courtly; नागरिकवृत्त्या संज्ञापयैनाम् Ś.5; साधु आर्य नागरिको$सि V.2. -3 Clever, shrewd, cunning (विदग्ध). -कः 1 A citizen. -2 A polite or courteous man, a gallant, one who shows exaggerated attention to his first mistress while he is courting some one else. -3 One who has contracted the vices of a town. -4 A thief. -5 An artist. -6 The chief of the police; V.5; Ś.6. -7 A city-superintendent; cf. नागरिक- प्रणिधिः Kau. A. -8 A kind of coitus; ऊरुमूलोपरि स्थित्वा योषिदूरुद्वयं रमेत् । ग्रीवां धृत्वा कराभ्यां च बन्धो नागरको मतः ॥ Ratimañjarī. -9 (pl.) planets opposite to each other. -कम् 1 Dry ginger. (-रिकम्) The toll levied from a town. -Comp. -वृत्तिः a courtly manner or style; नागरिकवृत्त्या संज्ञापयैनाम् Ś.5.1/2.

Dictionary: Apte
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