muktaka मुक्तक

Definition: a. detached, independent; n. independent sloka (the meaning of which is complete in itself); simple prose (without compound words); -kantha, a. or -m, ad. with krand or rud, shout or cry (with relaxed throat=) at the top of one's voice; -kara, a. open-handed, liberal; -kesa, a. (â, î) having loose or dishevelled hair; -tâ, f., -tva, n. deliverance from the bonds of existence, final emancipation; -nidra, a.awakened; -bandh ana, a. released from bonds; -buddhi, a. having one's soul emancipated; -vasana, m. (having cast aside raiment), Jain monk (=dig-ambara); -sâpa, a. having a curse laid aside, released from a curse;-sikha, a. having the top-knot loosened, having the hair hanging down; -saisava, a. (having left childhood behind), grown up; -samsaya, a. free from doubt, undoubted; -sûryâ, a. f. with dis, quarter just quitted by the sun; -svâmin, m. Name of a temple; -hasta, a. open handed, bountiful, liberal.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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