mitra मित्र

Definition: m. [prob. for mit-tra, either fr. √ mith, accompany, or √ mid, be oily, ad here: cp. sneha], companion, friend; Name of an Âditya, generally invoked with Varuna (mostly V.); sun (C.); n.friendship (RV.); friend (ord. mg. and gender; in polity the prince whose territory adjoins that of an immediate neighbour is called a &open;friend&close;); friend=image of: --°ree;,=resembling: -kar man, n. friendly actor service; friendship: -karma kri, conclude friendship with (in.); -kâma, a. wishing for friends; -kârya, n. business of a friend, friendly service; -kriti, f. friendly act; -kritya, n. business of a friend, friendly service; (á)-gupta, pp. guarded by Mitra; m. N.; -tâ, f. friendship; similarity with (--°ree;); -tva,; -druh, a. (nm. -dhruk) seeking to injure a friend, treacherous; -droha, m. injury of a friend, treachery; -drohin, a. treacherous; -bandhu-hîna, pp. desti tute of friends and relations; -bhâva, m. friendship; -bheda, m. separation of friends, breach of friendship; T. of the first book of the Pañkatantra; -máhas, a. having abun dance of friends (gnly. vc.; RV.); -mitra, n. friend's friend (in polity a prince whose dominions are separated from those of an other by the territories of three other princes); -lâbha, m. acquisition of friends; T. of the first book of the Hitopadesa; -vat, ad. like a friend (ac.); a. possessed of friends; -vat sala, a. devoted to one's friends; -varana, n. choice of friends; -varman, m. N.; -vi dhvasta, pp. ruined by a friend; -vaira, n. dissension among friends;-sarman, m. Name of various men; -samprâpti, f. acquisition of friends, T. of the second book of the Pañka tantra; -saha, m. (indulgent to friends), Name of a prince; -sâha, a. indulgent towards friends; -sneha, m. friendly affection, friend ship; -han, -hana, a. murdering a friend.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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