mithyā मिथ्या

Definition: ind. (contracted from mithūy/ā-) invertedly, contrarily, incorrectly, wrongly, improperly etc. etc. (with Causal , of kṛ-,to pronounce a word wrongly"once"[P.] or"repeatedly"[A1.] ;with pra-car-,to act wrongly ;with pra-vṛt-,to behave improperly ) ; falsely, deceitfully, untruly etc. (often with brū-, vac-or vad-,to speak falsely, utter a lie;with kṛ-,to deny ;to break one's word, with na-kṛ-,to keep it) ; with bhū-, to turn out or prove false ; not in reality, only apparently ; to no purpose, fruitlessly, in vain etc. (in the beginning of a compound often = false, untrue, sham; mithyā- is personified as the wife of a-dharma- )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3Br., Pa1n2. 1-3 , 71, Mn. ix , 284, MBh. iii , 2414, Mn., MBh., MBh., R., MBh., Madhus., MaitrUp., MBh., KalkiP.
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