mithuna मिथुन

Definition: मिथुन a. [मिथ्-उनन् किच्च Uṇ.3.55] Paired, forming a pair, or couple. -नः Ved. A pair, couple. -नम् 1 A pair, couple; मिथुनं परिकल्पितं त्वया सहकारः फलिनी च नन्विमौ R.8.61; Me.18; U.2.5. -2 Twins. -3 Union, junction. -4 Sexual union, copulation, cohabitation -5 The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini. -6 (In gram.) A root compounded with a preposition. -Comp. -भावः 1 forming a couple, state of being a pair. -2 copulation. -यमकम् a particular kind of यमक; cf. Bk.1.12. -व्रतिन् a. practising cohabitation.

Dictionary: Apte
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