meru मेरु

Definition: m. () Name of a fabulous mountain (regarded as the Olympus of Hindu mythology and said to form the central point of jambu-dvīpa-;all the planets revolve round it and it is compared to the cup or seed-vessel of a lotus, the leaves of which are formed by the different dvi1pa-s q.v;the river Ganges falls from heaven on its summit, and flows thence to the surrounding worlds in four streams;the regents of the four quarters of the compass occupy the corresponding faces of the mountain, the whole of which consists of gold and gems;its summit is the residence of brahmā-, and a place of meeting for the gods, ṛṣi-s, gandharva-s etc., when not regarded as a fabulous mountain, it appears to mean the highland of Tartary north of the himālaya-) etc.