meruḥ मेरुः

Definition: मेरुः 1 Name of a fabulous mountain (round which all the planets are said to revolve and which forms the centre of the several Dvīpas; cf. द्वीप; it is also said to consist of gold and gems); विभज्य मेरुर्न यदर्थिसात् कृतः N.1.16; स्वात्मन्येव समाप्तहेममहिमा मेरुर्न मे रोचते Bh.3.15. -2 The central bead in a rosary. -3 The central gem of a necklace. -Comp. -अद्रिकर्णिका the earth. -धामन् m. an epithet of Śiva. -पृष्ठम् heaven, the sky. -मन्दरः Name of a mountain. -यन्त्रम् a figure shaped like a spindle. -सावर्णः Name of one of the fourteen Manus.

Dictionary: Apte
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