marut मरुत्

Definition: m. plural (prob. the"flashing or shining ones"; confer, compare marīci-and Greek ) the storm-gods (indra-'s companions and sometimes exempli gratia, 'for example' equals devāḥ-,the gods or deities in general;said in the veda- to be the sons of rudra- and pṛśni- q.v,or the children of heaven or of ocean;and described as armed with golden weapons id est lightnings and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden cars drawn by ruddy horses sometimes called pṛṣatīḥ- q.v;they are reckoned in among the gods of the middle sphere, and in are held to be three times sixty in number;in the later literature they are the children of diti-, either seven or seven times seven in number, and are sometimes said to be led by mātariśvan-) etc.