manu मनु

Definition: In the Rigveda and later has no claim to historical reality. He is simply the first man, father of the race, and its guide in all matters, sacrificial and other. Hence the views of the texts on inheritance are foisted on Manu and his youngest son, Nābhānediṣṭha. He also plays the part of the hero in the Vedic legend of the flood. Manu is called Vivasvan or Vaivasvata, ‘ son of Vivasvant ’ (the god); Sāvarni, ‘ descendant of Savarnā ’ (the substitute of Saraηyū in the legend of her wedding); and Sāmvarani, ‘ descendant of Samvarana.’ The first name is, of course, mythical. The other two have been regarded as historical, Sāvarni being taken by Ludwig as a king of the Turvaśas, but this is very doubtful.

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