adhikṛ अधिकृ

Definition: अधिकृ 8 U. 1 To authorize, qualify for the discharge of some duty; be entitled to, have a right to; नैवाध्य- कारिष्महि वेदवृत्ते Bk.2.34; गुणाः प्रियत्वेधिकृता न संस्तवः Ki. 4.25 merits are calculated to produce liking, not mere intimacy. -2 To place at the head of, appoint, set; पाण्डवेन ह्यहं तात अश्वेष्वधिकृतः पुरा Mb.; दृप्तविनयाधिकृतः R.9. 62 appointed to humble the proud; शिथिलीकृते$धिकृतकृत्य- विधौ Ki.6.3 set or appointed to duty; देवाः प्रसह्य तमधि- कुर्युः Mv.2 set on, incite or appoint as their chief. -3 To aim at, allude or refer to, make the subject of; अधिकृत्य कृते ग्रन्थे P.IV.3.87; किरातार्जुनौ अधिकृत्य कृतं काव्यं किरातार्जुनीयम् Sk.; नाटकं प्रयोगेण अधिक्रियताम् Ś. 1 should be made the subject of representation, should berepresented on the stage. -4 To be used as the head or governing rule; समर्थानां प्रथमाद्वा P.IV.1.82; इदं पदत्रयमधि- क्रियते Sk. -5 To superintend, be at the head. -6 (A.) To bear, endure or overpower, be superior to; शत्रुमधि- कुरुते Sk.; अधिचक्रे न यं हरिः Bk.8.2. -7 To feel, enjoy; भवादृशाश्चेदधिकुर्वते रतिं निराश्रया हन्त हता मनस्विता Ki.1.43. -8 To refrain or desist from.

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