manthara मन्थर

Definition: मन्थर a. [मन्थ्-अरच्] 1 Slow, dull, tardy, lazy, inactive; गर्भमन्थरा Ś.4; प्रत्यभिज्ञानमन्थरो$भवत् ibid; स्थाने खल्वयं प्रसवमन्थरो$भूत् M.5; दरमन्थरचरणविहारम् Gīt.11; Śi.6.4;7.18;5.62; R.19.21. -2 Stupid, foolish, silly; मन्थरकौलिकः. -3 Low, deep, hollow, having a low tone. -4 Large, broad, wide, big. -5 Bent, crooked, curved. -6 Indicating, showing (सूचक). -रः 1 A store, treasure. -2 The hair of the head. -3 Wrath, anger. -4 Fresh butter. -5 A churning-stick. -6 Hindrance, an obstacle. -7 A stronghold. -8 Fruit. -9 A spy, an informer. -1 The month Vaiśākha. -11 The mountain Mandara. -12 An antelope. -रा Name of a humpbacked nurse or slave of Kaikeyī who instigated her mistress, on the eve of Rāma's coronation as heir-apparent, to beg of her husband by the two boons formerly promised to her by him, the banishment of Rāma for fourteen years and the installation of Bharata on the throne; मन्थरां प्रविशस्वादौ कैकेयीं च ततः परम् A. Rām. -रम् Safflower. -Comp. -विवेक a. slow in judgment, void of discrimination; उन्मथ्य मन्थरविवेकमकाण्ड एव Māl.1.18.

Dictionary: Apte
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