mandara मन्दर

Definition: मन्दर a. 1 Slow, tardy, dull. -2 Thick, dense; firm. -3 Large, bulky. -रः 1 Name of a mountain (used by the gods and demons as a churning stick when they churned the ocean for nectar); पृषतैर्मन्दरोद्धूतैः क्षीरोर्मय इवाच्युतम् R.4.27; अभिनवजलसुन्दर धृतमन्दर ए Gīt.1; शोभैव मन्दरक्षुब्धक्षुभिताम्भोधिवर्णना Śi.2.17; Ki.5.3. -2 A necklace of pearls (of 8 or 16 strings). -3 Heaven. -4 A mirror. -5 One of the five trees in Indra'sparadise; see मन्दार. -रम् ind. Slowly, sluggishly. -Comp. -आवासा, -वासिनी Durgā.

Dictionary: Apte
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