manas मनस्

Definition: n. thought, imagination, excogitation, invention, reflection, opinion, intention, inclination, affection, desire, mood, temper, spirit (in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound' after a verbal noun or an infinitive mood stem in tu-= having a mind or wishing to; see draṣṭu-m-etc.; manaḥ- kṛ-,to make up one's mind;with genitive case,to feel inclination for; manaḥ- kṛ-, pra-kṛ-, dhā-,vi- dhā-, dhṛ-, bandh-and Causal of ni-viś-with locative case dative case accusative with prati-,or infinitive mood,to direct the mind or thoughts towards, think of or upon; manaḥ-with sam-ā-dhā-,to recover the senses, collect one's self;with han-See mano-hatya-; manasā m/anasā- the mind;in thought or imagination;with all the heart, willingly;with genitive case,by the leave of;with iva- equals seva-,as with a thought, in a moment;with man-,to think in one's mind, be willing or inclined;with saṃ-gam-,to become unanimous, agree; manasi-with kṛ-,to bear or ponder in the mind, meditate on, remember;with ni-dhā-,to impress on the mind, consider;with vṛt-,to be passing in one's mind)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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