maṇḍūkagati मण्डूकगति

Definition: lit.the gait of a frog; jump; the continuation of a word from a preceding Sūtra to the following Sūtra or Sūtras in the manner of a frog by omitting one or more Sūtras in the middle; the word मण्डूकप्लुति is also used in the same sense especially by later grammarians; cf. अथवा मण्डूकगतयोधिकाराः | यथा मण्डूका उत्प्लुत्योत्प्लुत्य गच्छन्ति तद्वदधिकाराः || M. Bh. on P.I.1.3 Vārt.2, II. 3.32, II. 4.34, VI.1.16, VI.3.49,VII. 2.117.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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