mātaṅgaḥ मातङ्गः

Definition: मातङ्गः [मतङ्गस्य मुनेरयम् अण्] 1 An elephant; मातङ्गाः किमु वल्गितैः K. P.7; Śi.1.64. -2 A man of the lowest caste, a Chāṇḍāla. -3 A Kirāta, mountaineer or barbarian. -4 (At the end of comp.) Any thing the best of its kind; e. g. बलाहकमातङ्गः. -ङ्गी 1 Name of Pārvatī. -2 Name of Vasiṣṭha's wife. -3 Name of one of the ten Mahāvidyās. -4 A Chāṇḍāla lady; नताङ्गी मातङ्गी रुचिर- गीतभङ्गी Ā. L. -Comp. -कुमारी a Chāṇḍāla girl. -ज a. elephantine. -दिवाकरः Name of a poet. -नक्रः, -मकरः a crocodile as large as an elephant; मातङ्गनक्रैः सहसो- त्पतद्भिर्भिन्नान् द्विधा पश्य समुद्रफेनान् R.13.11. -लीला Name of a medical work.

Dictionary: Apte
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