mārjana मार्जन

Definition: मार्जन a. (-नी f.) [मृज्-ल्यु ल्युट् वा] Cleansing, purifying. -नम् 1 Cleansing, cleaning, purifying; Śukra. 4.345. -2 Wiping or rubbing off. -3 Effacing, wiping away; तेन व्यातेनिरे भीमा भीमार्जनफलाननाः Ki.15.42. -4 Cleansing the person by rubbing it with unguents; -5 Sprinkling the person with water by means of the hand, a blade of Kuśa grass &c. -नः The tree called Lodhra. -ना 1 Cleansing, purifying, cleaning. -2 The sound of a drum; मायूरी मदयति मार्जना मनांसि M.1.21. -3 Performance with the fingers on a musical instrument. -नी 1 A broom, brush. -2 Purification. -3 A washerwoman.

Dictionary: Apte
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