mīmāṃsā मीमांसा

Definition: f. "examination of the Vedic text", Name of one of the 3 great divisions of orthodox Hindu philosophy (divided into 2 systems, viz. the pūrva-mīmāṃsā- or karma-mīmāṃsā- by jaimini-, concerning itself chiefly with the correct interpretation of Vedic ritual and text, and usually called the mīmāṃsā-;and the uttara-mīmāṃsā- or brahma-mīmāṃsā- or śārīraka-mīmāṃsā- by bādarāyaṇa-, commonly styled the vedānta- and dealing chiefly with the nature of brahma- or the one universal Spirit)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: IW. 46 ; 98
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