mī मी

Definition: मी I. 9 U. (मीनाति मीनीते; seldom used in classical literature) 1 To kill, destroy, hurt, injure. -2 To lessen, diminish. -3 To change, alter. -4 To transgress, violate. -5 To disappear, be lost. -6 To stray, go astray. -II. 1. P., 1 U. (मयति, माययति-ते) 1 To go, move. -2 To know, understand (गीतमत्योः). -III. 4. Ā. (मीयते) To die, perish; see प्रमी; जन्तोः प्रमीयमाणस्य जीवो नैवोपलभ्यते Mb.12.186.3.

Dictionary: Apte
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