luṅ लुङ्

Definition: an affix applied to a root, showing action of immediate past time as contrasted with affixes called लिट् or लङ्. The affix लुङ् is found used, however, in the sense of the past time in general, and irrespective of time in Vedic Literature; cf. छन्दसि लुङ्लङ्लिटः P. III. 4.6. The conjugational affixes ति, त:, etc. are substituted for लुङ् as for the lakāras of other tenses and moods and the distinguishing sign or विकरण is added to a root before the affix called लुङ्; cf. च्लि लुङि and the following P. III. 1.43 etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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