lekhana लेखन

Definition: लेखन a. (-नी f.) [लिख्-ल्यु ल्युट् वा] 1 Writing, painting, scratching &c. -2 Exciting, stimulating. -नः A kind of reed of which pens ane made. -नम् 1 Writing, transcribing. -2 Scratching, scraping. -3 Grazing, touching. -4 Attenuating, making thin or emaciated. -5 Cutting or making incisions (in surgery). -6 Scripture. -7 An instrument for scraping. -8 A kind of birch-tree. -9 A palm-leaf (for writing upon). -नी 1 A pen, writing-reed, reed-pen; सुरतरुवरशाखा लेखनी पुत्रमुर्वी Śivamahimna 32. -2 A spoon. -Comp. -वस्तिः a kind of enema for reducing corpulency. -साधनम् writing materials or a apparatus.

Dictionary: Apte
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